About Us

Search Marketing Performed Ideally.

Our Mission

To establish the right conditions for success.

Many factors determine whether a digital marketing can actively help a business to grow. We pride ourselves on objectively determining the commercial viability of a campaign for every client.

To be the best SEO agency in Australia, every client needs to be a case study. No exceptions.

To strive for complete dominance of Google.

Google will only serve the best results to its own users. Websites have to be its industry’s most authoritative source of relevant information, both transactional and informational. We cover every angle and every opportunity, and use a data-driven approach to outperform competitors across measurable metrics and KPIs.

The result of this approach: industry domination of Google. There are very few prizes for 2nd place.

Data-Driven Decisions

Success on Googleis achieved by outperforming your competitors acrossverifiable metrics.

Old-fashioned Professionalism

The simple things done well. Responsiveness, common courtesy, timely delivery of work, and respect for everyone we work with.

True Collaboration

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with internal and external teams and other stakeholders. We’re champions of quality contributors to websites.

Founders & Directors

Richard Eaves

Managing Director

Richard has a deep passion for SEO, describing it as a mixture of science, creativity, and entrepreneurial thinking and business acumen. He’s relentlessly ambitious for clients, having witnessed first-hand the power of Google Search for dozens of businesses over the years.

Nth Degree Search is the result of 15 years’ experience in the SEO industry.

Jay Ong

Chief Operating Officer | Head of SEO

A former electronics engineer, Jay self taught himself SEO after building a number of websites in his spare time before switching careers to become a full-time SEO manager.

His client list is long and distinguished after working for some of Australia’s largest marketing agencies and managing large SEO campaigns for the world’s biggest brands.