Live Site:

Web Development Case Study

The Brief

As the UX/UI designers for this project, the web development team were involved from the outset in planning the site’s technical functionality and performance. As always, the aim is to build a WordPress website that is lightweight, responsive, and archives high scores on GTMetrix and Google’s Core Web Vitals algorithms.

The Solution

Our custom WordPress theme is designed specifically to provide customers with a fast-loading website, free from superfluous integrations and bulky plugins. Clean code, hassle-free to manage, and a solid foundation from which to build an online presence.

The Results

Duckrow’s technical performance achieved the scores we were aiming for, ensuring that their customers


Building a website properly from day one saves a lot of time and energy further down the line. It’s much more efficient to do it well from the start rather than retrospectively improving a site’s technology after a period. We encourage all startups to think about this when launching their first website.