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The Art & Science of Data-Driven UX/UI Web Design

UI/UX Design in a Broader Search Marketing Campaign

Nth Degree’s UI/UX Design services are offered as a standalone standalone option, but they’re at their best when working in harmony with other search marketing endeavours.

  • Providing inbound traffic from Google with an optimal experience
  • Accommodating the often stark differences in user behaviours from different inbound channels
  • Ensuring cohesion between designers and developers
  • Accountability for conversions and end-goals for the business

We work collaboratively with other providers and internal teams to ensure our UI/UX services are implemented smoothly, or we’d be happy to talk with you about our other digital solutions and services.

First-class UI/UX Design Services

First-class UI/UX design services go beyond aesthetics, weaving together artistry and functionality to craft digital experiences that leave a lasting impact. As a creative agency, our user interface design services prioritise user-centric design, blending intuitive navigation, captivating visuals, and responsive interactions to create websites that not only look appealing and represent your brand, but on a foundation of technical principles that benefits both your customers and Google’s interpretation of your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Research & Planning > Architecture > Content & Technology > Wireframes > Prototypes > Usability Testing > Launch

During the project, we hold weekly meetings with you where we discuss project updates, accommodate feedback, assign tasks to contributing stakeholders, and ensure strict adherence to timeframes and schedules of delivery.

Of course, timeframes are dependent on the size of your website and the functionalities chosen, but on average our design project are completed within 6-8 weeks. If we’re also providing the web development, we add another 6 weeks to the timeframe.

During the discovery and planning phase, we encourage as much input from you as possible, including your brand positioning requirements, likes and dislikes of your current website as well as your competitors’ websites, and examples from around the web that might be targeting related markets.
We like to offer two rounds of feedback per milestone, purely to keep on-track with the schedule of delivery.