Mona Vale Music

Live Site:

UX/UI Case Study

The Brief

Mona Vale Music is a renowned music store located on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Their website’s design had dated somewhat, and their conversion rate wasn’t what it should be. We wanted to produce an intuitive and visually appealing design to showcase their wide range of musical instruments, provide easy navigation, accurately represent their brand, and encourage online sales.

The Solution

The primary objective of the project was to design a website and mega menu navigation that enhances the user experience and drives conversions. The website needed to be visually appealing, easy to navigate, and responsive across various devices. The client also expressed the need for a seamless integration of their online store with the website to increase online sales and improve customer experience.

The Concept

To align with the client’s vision, we proposed a concept that focused on creating an attractive experience that navigated easily to their primary categories and products. The concept was designed to elevate the brand from small/local into a national e-commerce market contender.

Visual Styles

Based on discussions with the client and market research, we identified two key visual styles that aligned with the brand's personality and target audience:

A. Modern and Dynamic:

This style incorporated bold typography, vibrant colour schemes, and eye-catching visuals to convey the energy and excitement of music.

B. Classic and Refined

This style emphasised elegance, with a focus on typography, bright colour palettes that aligned with their brand colours, and clean layouts, catering to customers who appreciate a more sophisticated but exciting aesthetic.

Design System

Based on discussions with the client and market research, we identified two key visual styles that aligned with the brand’s personality and target audience:

Responsive Layout

Owing to the importance of a mobile-friendly website for both SEO and UX reasons, we adopted a mobile-first approach. Our design team created a responsive layout that ensured seamless user experiences across devices, adapting the website’s content and navigation for optimal viewing on mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers.


The redesigned website for Mona Vale Music successfully achieved its goals by creating an engaging and intuitive online experience for visitors. By incorporating modern and dynamic visual elements while maintaining a touch of classic refinement, we managed to modernise the brand and capture the essence of the brand.

The new website now serves as a digital storefront that not only showcases Mona Vale Music’s extensive range of musical instruments but also promotes a sense of community and fosters a love for music. The collaboration between our web design agency and Mona Vale Music resulted in a successful project that will elevate their online presence and contribute to their continued success in the music industry.