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The Brief

Our brief was to improve the SEO performance of a well-established Mexican food brand and help towards increasing its primary conversion goal.

Beach Burrito already had an excellent reputation but had yet to conduct SEO on the website. The perfect client for us, we’d be able to leverage the brand’s equity and elevate the site to its rightful positions on Google.

The Solution

After ensuring technical compliance of the website, we set about optimising Beach Burrito’s local presence, and adding more relevant informational content to the website. This included designing and builidng didicated local landing pages for each of the restaurant’s locations

The Results

Target Page Organic Traffic Source: Google Analytics

  • Visits (Sessions)
  • Previous Year
Newscastle 572 121
Canberra 603 71
Cronulla 562 129
Coogee 336 138
Bondi 217 125
Jindabyne 1579 323
Glenelg 1147 219
Newtown 652 320
Coolangatta 193 37
Dee Why 1060 292

The goal of any SEO campaign is to place our clients’ web pages in the top 3 positions of Google. This is where the majority of clicks occur. Rankings in positions 4-10 are an excellent indicator of how much Google values the website, and we’d be pushing hard to further elevate these terms.

Organic Traffic Source: Google Search Console

  • Visits (Sessions)
  • Visits (Sessions)(previous year)
Sep 2021 7.5K
Oct 2021 12.1K
Nov 2021 10.9K
Dec 2021 10.5K
Jan 2022 12.4K
Feb 2022 10.1K
Mar 2022 9.1K
Apr 2022 9.4K 3.1K
May 2022 9.6K 7.9K
Jun 2022 10.7K 8.5K
Jul 2022 12.2K 8.5K
Aug 2022 15K 7.8K

We started in May 2022. Note the consistent upward trend. It’s symptomatic of sustained effort. Google can see that the client’s website is consistently improving its adherence to its guidelines and SEO best-practices. It’s true that there will be peaks and troughs, and the website won’t experience this level of month-on-month growth forever–no website does–but that steady upward trajectory will endure as a whole over a timescale long into the future.


Google loves brands. Much of SEO is about solifying a brand’s position as an authoritatiy within its niche, whether that’s for products, services, or information. Bamboo has this authority in abundance which gave our SEO strategy an excellent foundation to build upon. The skill is to accurately research what their customers are searching for, and merge that intent with how the team at Bamboo wants to describe its products.

If your own brand is well-established but you’ve yet to do SEO, it’s likely we could do the same for you. It’s where quick-wins can be realistically be spoken about as a short-term goal, even if your industry is very competitive.