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The Brief

A sole proprietor in the coaching space had a nicely designed website but it wasn’t functioning as a business tool. It had no presence on Google and we identified that an SEO-informed redesigns could provide some visibility and earn some leads.

The Solution

We provided a one-off website design and development build in December 2021, informed by keyword research and a targeted site architecture with optimised content. We also performed two months of post-launch optimisation with backlink acquisition.

We simply turned a website into a business tool for earning traffic and leads. Although this was a one-off project, we still keep track of the results and its performance is going from strength to strength with 20 keywords on page 1, including a top position for a primary target.

The Results

Keywords Source: SEM Rush

  • Total Keyword Rankings
  • Page 1 Keywords
Dec 2021 20 0
Jan 2022 22 1
Feb 2022 36 0
Mar 2022 58 1
Apr 2022 47 0
May 2022 52 1
Jun 2022 120 10
Jul 2022 139 18
Aug 2022 115 21
Sep 2022 133 16
Oct 2022 166 21

Due to a comprehesive site architecture, and a business owner that does a very good job of producing informational articles, this keyword trend will continue to rise, even without continued dedicated SEO efforts.

Visibility on Google Source: Google Search Console

  • Impressions
Oct 2021 93
Nov 2021 469
Dec 2021 1,186
Jan 2022 2,055
Feb 2022 3,930
Mar 2022 9,894
Apr 2022 9,428
May 2022 11,225
Jun 2022 15,865
Jul 2022 17,974
Aug 2022 15,644
Sep 2022 16,610

This website had been in existence for years before we conducted our work. SEO can be the difference between a website that exists and a website that exists as a business tool. To see this website earning 16k+ views on Google compared to many years of zero visibility is incredibly satisfying.

Organic Traffic Source: Google Analytics

Oct 2021 60
Nov 2021 63
Dec 2021 52
Jan 2022 43
Feb 2022 92
Mar 2022 64
Apr 2022 48 2
May 2022 47 10
Jun 2022 62 21
Jul 2022 71 24
Aug 2022 98 16
Sep 2021 107 9

100+ organic visits per month for a sole proprietor in a niche industry is an excellent start to a website’s journey in SEO. We finished our one-off project in March 2022 and the results continue to increase. Sometimes, websites just need a strategic kick-start to get going.


If traffic from Google can help grow your business, then SEO can and should have input into the design, layout, content, and architecture of a website. This needs blending with other important considerations: the wishes of the owner or brand; its positioning; the aesthetics and imagery etc, and the result can be a website that pleases all stakeholders.

Any website in any industry can generate results with this approach, just like this sole proprietor in a small niche industry who will continue to reap the rewards of an SEO-informed site design and build.