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The Brief

Our brief was to increase the SEO performance for a very popular baby sleep program e-commerce store.

The website was built using Shopify, had an excellent brand presence in Australia and a growing customer base. We knew we could take the website’s performance to the next level, both in terms of SEO and technical functionality.

The Solution

The first step was to design a new keyword-informed site architecture, expanding the client’s current offerings in terms of both breadth and depth. This was to inform a complete redesign and rebuild, moving the site away from Shopify and into WordPress and WooCommerce. WordPress is by far the most customisable CMS and SEO professionals have free reign in terms of on-page information architecture.

The Results

Keyword Rankings Source: SEM Rush

  • Total Keyword Rankings
  • Page 1 Keywords
Jan 2022 332 15
Feb 2022 348 15
Mar 2022 329 26
Apr 2022 279 28
May 2022 366 27
Jun 2022 469 30
Jul 2022 515 32
Aug 2022 519 29
Sep 2022 671 37
Oct 2022 1149 36

We performed optimisations on the existing website throughout the year, and the upward trend from January is apparent. However, note the large spike in improvements immediately after the new website launched in September 2022.

Visibility on Google Source: Google Search Console

  • Impressions
Jan 2022 615
Feb 2022 640
Mar 2022 869
Apr 2022 797
May 2022 1039
Jun 2022 1300
Jul 2022 1184
Aug 2022 1381
Sep 2022 1100
Oct 2022 2081
Nov 2022 2538

Organic impressions followed a similar upward trajectory through the year, as did the immediate and notable uptick after the launch.


In our experience, WordPress always performs better than Shopify in terms of SEO. This is largely due to two factors: Shopify’s URL structure cannot be modified to SEO best-practices, and each page’s design and layout doesn’t allow for the customisation that WordPress offers. Both of the factors are very important for SEO performance.

We don’t rebuild websites if it’s already performing well, but drgolly.com is a young website and we took the opportunity to switch its CMS before the risk begins to outweigh the reward. It’s now set up for SEO successes long into the future.