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The Brief

Our brief was to increase the SEO performance for a well-established e-commerce brand.

In April 2021, we inherited a client from another SEO agency. When scoping the project, we identified numerous missed opportunities that the website could realise. The site was already reasonably authoritative on Google and we knew we could take their SEO performance to the next level.

The Solution

We simply identified missed opprotunities and optimised for them, leveraging the website’s equity and enabling rapid progression to page 1 rankings. This involved standard SEO best-practices across technical, content, page structure, and link acquisition.

The Results

Keywords Source: SEM Rush

  • Total Keyword Rankings
  • Page 1 Keywords
Aug 2021 945 77
Sep 2021 1082 86
Oct 2021 1090 71
Nov 2021 1050 77
Dec 2021 1849 121
Jan 2022 1679 128
Feb 2022 1730 137
Mar 2022 1639 139
Apr 2022 1482 137
May 2022 1585 134
Jun 2022 1654 179
Jul 2022 1859 196
Aug 2022 2675 309
Aug 2022 2635 339

Page one of Google is where most clicks take place. If a website is reasonably authoritative when we inherit it, our strategy is often to leverage this equity and provide quick-wins for keywords hovering on page two or three.

Visibility on Google Source: Google Search Console

  • Non-Branded Impressions
  • Non-Branded Impressions (previous year)
Sep 2021 99.9K
Oct 2021 93.2K
Nov 2021 96.4K
Dec 2021 101.7K
Jan 2022 112.1K
Feb 2022 132.9K
Mar 2022 116.8K
Apr 2022 129.7K
May 2022 158.8K 37.2K
Jun 2022 171.6K 90.8K
Jul 2022 174.8K 96.8K
Aug 2022 165.5K 106.6K

Improving non-branded visibility on Google is essentially about placing websites in front of users who are in the market for a provider. They’re searching for generic keywords rather than terms that include the brand. It’s an important distinction to make. Searchers using branded terminology know the brand exists, and results from these should be a given. It’s the non-branded marketplace where SEO companies prove their worth.


Attention to detail when divising a strategy is critical. Google’s search results are continously evolving and it takes a keen eye and regular attention to recognise opportunities that might not have been apparent some months ago.

A stable SEO client is not an excuse to rest on your laurels. Instead, it’s an opportunity to spend the time to find other opportunities for growing the website. We’re not at liberty to post the figures here, but this client has recently experienced record sales directly from organic traffic, all because we spent the time to find missed opportunities.