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Taking Their Rightful Place on Google

Search Engine Optimisation Case Study


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The Brief

The client’s website wasn’t functioning as a business tool. Lumapixel is an exceptional and established video production agency, but its website wasn’t visible on Google. They deserved a much better search presence and a website that served as an essential lead generation tool.

The Solution

Lumapixel had commissioned a design agency to build the site in May 2021 and we were responsible for the strategy, keyword research, and URL and information architecture. SEO is often at its best in the planning stage of a website.

The Results

Keyword Rankings Source: SEM Rush

  • Total Keyword Rankings
  • Page 1 Keywords
Aug 2021 12
Sep 2021 43
Oct 2021 38
Nov 2021 47
Dec 2021 78 1
Jan 2022 96 6
Feb 2022 104 12
Mar 2022 137 19
Apr 2022 116 16
May 2022 127 25
Jun 2022 198 27
Jul 2022 311 30
Aug 2022 410 39

The goal of any SEO campaign is to place our clients’ web pages in the top 3 positions of Google. This is where the majority of clicks occur. Rankings in positions 4-10 are an excellent indicator of how much Google values the website, and we’d be pushing hard to further elevate these terms.

Non-branded Impressions Source: Google Analytics

  • Non-Branded Impressions
  • Non-Branded Impressions (previous year)
Sep 2021 10K
Oct 2021 10.5K
Nov 2021 11.7K
Dec 2021 9.6K
Jan 2022 10.3K
Feb 2022 12.8K
Mar 2022 25.8K
Apr 2022 32.6K
May 2022 38.4K 7.2K
Jun 2022 79.1K 9.1K
Jul 2022 93.4K 12.2K
Aug 2022 89.8K 10.6K

Lumapixel’s website has been around for years, yet it wasn’t ranking for any keywords at all. An SEO strategy should seek to understand what makes the business and its services special and ensure that the website describess them in a way Google can understands. The site is now on a steep growth trajectory in keyword rankings.

Organic Traffic Source: Google Analytics

  • Visits (Sessions)
  • Visits (Sessions) (previous year)
Oct 2021 183 118
Nov 2021 256 103
Dec 2021 131 118
Jan 2022 173 72
Feb 2022 223 54
Mar 2022 228 115
Apr 2022 147 117
May 2022 236 123
Jun 2022 226 82
Jul 2022 226 92
Aug 2022 333 121
Sep 2021 361 162

Year-on-year growth is always our goal. SEO works cumulatively and the results compund over time. Measuring YoY results also accounts for seasonality variables.


Lumapixel are the perfect client: a well-respected and established brand who wanted to leverage this authority and and take their rightful positions on Google. Our job is simply to translate this value into what Google values.

SEO is often at its best during a redesign or refresh of a website. If a business allows SEO input at this stage, it lays the foundation for ongoing commercial success.